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 A Silent Disaster in North Korea...

malnourished children in nursery
Malnourished children at a nursery in Pyongyang (Photo by World Food Program)

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  • Click here for pictures from the April 15 and April 29 volunteer days at food banks in San Francisco and Oakland.
  • April 25, 1998: The World Day of Fasting for the People of North Korea in San Francisco and around the world
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Since 1995, natural disasters and economic collapse have ravaged North Korea, leaving its 23 million people to contend with widespread famine and disease.  Adults survive on just a few ounces of food per day, children nationwide suffer from malnutrition, and many of the elderly are reported to have simply 'disappeared.'  Currently, food stocks from last year's harvest and international aid supplies are dangerously low; meanwhile, there is a great need for medicines and other basic supplies.   

...And Our Response

Double Cropping volunteers
Hunger Relief Fund volunteers at the San Francisco Food Bank, 11/97

The Hunger Relief Fund for North Korea, a San Francisco Bay Area group of students, professionals, and community workers, has held public events and volunteered locally  since 1996.  The group has raised over $100,000, sending tons of seed, rice, medicine and other aid to families in need, while raising awareness within the Bay Area and United States about this important issue. 

Your help is needed!  Please read on to find out more about the crisis and learn how you can donate, raise funds, or volunteer in your community to fight the famine in North Korea. 
To contact us, send email or write to: 

Hunger Relief Fund for North Korea
c/o AFSC
65 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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