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   Double Cropping 2000

April 29, 2000: Alameda County Community Food Bank (Oakland, CA) 

30 volunteers sorted and packed about 4000 pounds of donated food items for pick-up by the 288 agencies served by the food bank.  The US Census Bureau estimates that there are about 151,000 individuals in Alameda County who benefit from these services.   Big thanks especially to the volunteers from Christian Layman Church and San Francisco State University, and to the staff at the food bank.

Volunteers checking, cleaning, sorting, and packing donated food 

It's harder than it looks... 

...but a lot of fun too! 

Not just bananas...getting all kinds of food ready to go. 

Looking for creased cans, leaky bottles, and opened containers


A few of the regular volunteers at the food bank

A group photo afterwords


April 15, 2000: San Francisco Food Bank  

19 volunteers gave up a morning of sleep on Saturday morning to come to the food bank and prepare donated food for distribution to individuals and families in San Francisco.  In three hours of checking food quality, sorting, and packing, we got a total of 3158 pounds (166 pounds per person) ready to send out.  Great job! 

Orientation at the food bank 


The assembly line: unpacking, sorting, cleaning, taping, and repacking